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George Trimitsis
Abstract Digital Paintings and Photographs by George Trimitsis
The artwork is best appreciated when viewed in conjunction with its title

Artist Statement

George Trimitsis' art reflects his formal education in the sciences (he holds a PhD in Chemistry), and his fascination with poetry and mythology. He belongs to a contemporary generation of artists for whom the computer is an integral tool in the art making process. In his case, the computer enables him to work with the multitude of "unit cells" that he uses in his compositions. The final images are based in some remote way on photographs and/or scans (the "unit cells") he takes of real or constructed objects. The completed artworks generally lie somewhere between fact and fiction, reality and imagination, art and science. The ambiguity built into the artworks is an element that Trimitsis consciously seeks to incorporate in them. He believes that abstract or semiabstract art is in many ways a reflection of life itself with all its ambiguities, unpredictabilities, and surprises. Indeed, Trimitsis thinks that the tension resulting from the juxtaposition of the scientific/real and poetic/mythological aspects reflected in his art would in the end enhance the intellectual and/or emotional pleasure that viewers may get from them.  


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